1 Resonance Supplement: Sound Art. Produced to coincide with the “Six Sites for Sound” exhibitions in London, curated by Dosensos. A beautifully designed 80pp magazine devoted to explorations of contemporary sound art and reviews on courses in the industry today. With articles and interviews by a dozen contributors including Anna Colin (editor), Mathias Gmachl (fammous radio DJ) and John Wynne. Plus 60 mins audio CD featuring Douglas Henderson, Michael J Schumacher, farmersmanual, o.blaat, Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Brandon Labelle.
3 JUST OUT! RESONANCE magazine Volume 10 Number 2 is edited by Caroline Kraabel and sumptuously designed by Matt (Comes With A Smile) Dornan. Texan steel guitarist Susan Alcorn writes a magnificent, warts-and-all piece of reportage about playing country music, which we are proud to have in the magazine. This issues dual themes of Locality and Reproduction encourage Sachiko M, John Butcher, Sylvia Hallett, Evan Eisenberg, Chris Cutler, Sarah Washington, Joe Banks (Disinformation), Phil England and Michael Chanan to hold forth. John Tilbury discusses playing piano music by Joseph Haydn and Morton Feldman with Michael Parsons, while Adam Bohman bids a fond farewell to the Bonnington venue. And ten vocalists (including Robert Wyatt and Haco) tell us what they think of microphones. The accompanying CD contains not only music by many of the above, but also a film by Stockhausen & Walkmans Matt Wand.
2 Volume 10 number 1 is edited by Martin Williams and is devoted to adventures in international radio art. With writing by David Bellos, Steve Beresford, David Grubbs, Mira Katbamna, Esther Leslie, Toshimaru Nakamura, David Quantick, Martin Spinelli, Sarah Washington, Chris Weaver and more. Plus accompanying CD of audio by ClingRadio, Sherre DeLys, David Grubbs and RLW, Elsa Justel, Georges Perec, Ergo Phizmiz, Walter Ruttmann, John Wynne and more. £7.00 + p&p.


Your Favourite London Sounds, the acclaimed CD compiled by Peter Cusack, was commissioned by Resonance FM and does exactly what it says on the tin. Audio tracks by Peter Cusack - recordings of a wide variety of people’s favourite London sounds, ranging from Big Ben to birdsong to the Brick Lane Bagel Shop and beyond - are complemented by photographs by Dave Mandl in a 24 page colour booklet. To BUY the CD, just send us £10 (UK only: overseas customers should send £12), cheques payable to “LMC Ltd” and drawn on a British bank. Our address: LMC Ltd, 3.6 Lafone House, 11-13 Leathermarket Street, London SE1 3HN. We will mail you the CD directly. “Your Favourite London Sounds” is also available in good record shops (including Rough Trade, Covent Garden; Smallfish, Hoxton; 323, Highgate; British Library, Euston; Museum of London Shop, London Wall; and Tate Modern, Bankside). Or you can purchase it online from amazon.co.uk.